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As the oldest child of a single mother in North St. Louis County, MO-14 State Senate candidate Brian Williams learned firsthand that life does not always guarantee a fair shake. However, he knew that everyone should have access to a quality life. Williams grew up in a labor union family that instilled the importance of hard work and investing in the community. This spurred his dedication to public service and community leadership.

Williams proudly graduated from Hazelwood Central High School, attained an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice, and earned Master’s degrees in Public Administration and Legal Studies.

Studying government and public health policy inspired Williams to pursue a career in public service. As a Congressional Staffer for U.S. Rep. Wm. Lacy Clay, he honed his skills in strategic planning, coalition building and bringing resources to the community. He met many residents throughout his career, listened to their stories and found solutions for their concerns.

Williams firmly believes the best way to engage youth, protect seniors, and revitalize North County is by strengthening public schools, increasing access to quality health care, and addressing the often-overlooked roots of economic disparities and public safety concerns.

Throughout his career, Williams has worked tirelessly to strengthen the community.  Through his position as a Board Director for People’s Health Center, he helped develop a quality healthcare center at a Schnucks location in Ferguson, Missouri. He advocated for a quality healthcare facility that provides mental health resources for children in underserved communities. He oversaw the rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace in Missouri as a Congressional ACA Coordinator. He also connected the unemployed and underemployed with job opportunities through annual congressional career fairs.

As your next State Senator, Brian Williams will work hard to engage youth, protect our seniors, and ensure better opportunities for the next generation.